i heart cookies

My son loves to “make” cookies with Play-doh: roll it out, stamp out different shapes and “cook” them in his Ikea kitchen oven. I figured he would love to help me make the real thing. I was planning to buy ready-made sugar cookie dough but didn’t want to make a stop and get the kids out of the car just to run in for cookie dough. I figured I must have all the ingredients to make sugar cookies already. How hard could it be? It wasn’t very. I used Martha Stewart’s basic sugar cookie recipe. Threw it all into the mixer, chilled the dough in the freezer and put the kids down to nap, telling my oldest that when he woke up, we were going to make heart cookies.  I think the only thing that he took from that statement was, “Cookies.” Three hours later, my son was still sleeping the longest nap I’d ever witnessed and it was getting close to  dinner time. I couldn’t wait for him to wake up, so I baked the cookies myself. By the time he woke up, they were ready to decorate. I made two frostings: a pink sugar glaze (made from powdered sugar and a couple tablespoons of milk and one drop of red food coloring) and white chocolate (poured a bowl full of white chocolate chips, popped it into the microwave for 30 seconds, then stirred). I had a bunch of random sprinkles and decorations on hand already. As I proceeded to show my son how to dip the cookies into the glaze and sprinkle some decorations on top, he simply grabbed each cookie example and stuffed it into his face. He acted as official taste tester. After he chomped down a few cookies, he ran off to attend to more important things like trains, leaving me to decorate the rest of the cookies. I guess he wasn’t quite ready to help me just yet.

I tried again to see if my son would be more interested in helping me make valentine’s day cards. I like re-using the cardboard boxes from the (too) many packages we receive shipped to us. I’ve made them into party coasters with guests names, hang tags for christmas presents and wrapping paper decorations. I figured they could make good valentines too. I cut them into heart shapes and made hearts out of construction paper. I did these steps myself and figured my son would like to glue on the hearts. Again, he wasn’t too interested. I tried to get my 14-month old daughter interested, but she just ate the paper and cardboard (she’s addicted to paper products like a good asian girl should be, but she likes to eat them). So with my paint pens, hole puncher, and leftover ribbon from my daughter’s birthday,  I made a few valentines like these:

Once these were made, my son picked which valentine would go to who and I wrote their name on each. Then he went to town on them with stickers. He loved putting stickers all over these. Finally, I found something he was interested in: Stickers. He added his final touch before giving them (along with the heart cookies) to his friends. Which one is your favorite, valentine?


5 thoughts on “i heart cookies

  1. Yum yum on both! I also use Martha Stewart’s sugar cookie recipe. But I don’t have the patience to decorate so pretty like you.

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