change of address

poche de maman

Sorry the Not So Berkeley Mom has been MIA, but I moved! You can now check me out on my new blog Poche De Maman for more articles on food, travel, design, and life with kids.
Thanks for visiting and see you at my new site!


2 thoughts on “change of address

  1. Hi Cathy-

    Finally got a chance to get to your new blog. Was a treat! Love it. Totally got sucked into reading for the past 15 minutes or so.

    What can I do to help promote it?


    Woohoo Fit Eva Bramwell Fitness Trainer – Founder 1230 Solano Avenue 94706 Albany, California 94706 Studio (510) 526-2FIT Direct (510) 812-3393

    • Thanks for checking out the new blog Eva. I’m planning to write on how I got in (better) shape post-pregnancy, thanks to you & Woohoo. I’d love to post my story on your site.

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